A family who will be along with me

My school life probably will be the best part of my life, not only was it just a study group for me nor were they just my classmates, but a family who will be along with me throughout my life. I had so much fun in my school days that i just cannot express the joy and the amount of happiness I felt those days. I still sometime reflect on some of those memories and laugh like an idiot. My present life is so fun as well, has been 3 years since i passed schooling, I am currently pursuing BIT(Bachelors in information and technology) at Herald college Kathmandu affiliated with University of Wolverhampton, UK.

Abhishek Shahi
Bachelors in information and technology / Herald college Kathmandu

I felt at home

School is the best part of my educational journey so far. I felt at home and a sense of belonging there. Teaching is great I must say. There was a very close relationship between teachers and students too, that I guess is a great thing when I think about it now. Memories of those days will always be close to my heart, the people I've met there will always feel like a family to me. Well now, I'm continuing my studies, Bachelor in Humanities (first year). Apart from that I am also training for the British Army, and I am also pursuing my mountain biking passion.

Diwas Adhikari
Bachelors in Humanities (First year)

Student life was fun

Student life in School was lots of fun, enjoying with friends and at the same working hard with studies. Our teachers are very good and very friendly. Currently I am working in a plywood factory.

Subash Tamang
Plywood Factory

Teachers were very friendly and awesome

In my student life I had the most amazing experience. I made lots of memories throughout my school journey. My friends and teachers were very friendly and awesome… it was amazing. I loved my school life more than my college life. Right now I am pursuing Animation/VFX course in New Delhi. Its going pretty well till now. My course will be over in November and after that I plan to move to Mumbai.

Jonathan Thapa
Animation/VFX / New Delhi

Administration are very caring and supportive

We  enjoyed Kistland school, the main thing that we love is the christian environment. We get chance to involved in Extra Curricular Activities. The school administration are very caring and supportive. Right now I am doing internship in World vision International. Besides my internship.  I am also engaging in church ministry pursuing my Master degree in Sociology.


Proud of my decision to choose Kistland

You have such a cute uniform which school are you from?" This is what strangers would always asked while going to school with two wings on my head. As it is said, a tree is a reflection of the seed. Growing up like an ideal woman makes me proud of myself and my decision to choose "Kistland" for my schooling which has proven to me to be a good seed. Studying far from home never made me missed my family because my teachers were more like parents to me. Moreover not only good education but my school made be a good person teaching manners, humanitarian values, love and cares That's why I guess I am serving humanity to prove my existence and also pursuing Bachelors in Business studies along with it. I am glad to be a part of Kistland, memories and knowledge I gain from there are closest to my heart and mind.

Soweta Sampang

It was not just school for me

My student life was the best past and the best part of my life. It was not just school for me, It was the Gods house where I learn to grow spiritually and where I got joy and happiness in childhood. The place where I learn how to be discipline, humble and most importantly I learn that behaviour reflects my whole life and my future of how will be. It is that place where teachers are very qualified and they all have a great heart of admiring us. My experiences with all of my school mates are memories which will lasts forever. It not just about getting educated from the school, but to learn about maintaining consistent discipline in our life for our better future. Coming to my present life it is going well and I’m having fun too. In the past three years, the things I learned from school I practised those qualities in my career. I’m working hard to be a professional football player for the nation and with God’s grace last year I got chance to play U-18 'A ' Divison league from Jawalakhel Youth Club.  I’m still having training for more improvements on my football career. At the same time I’m currently pursuing a course on Rural Development and BSW at Patan University.

Jels Rai

Miss all my crazy friends

My school life journey was the best thing I ever had in my life. I started my schooling when I was two and half years old and graduated at fifteen.  Throughout those years I have achieved a lot in my life. I met many good friends, brothers and sisters. The teachers were also very talented as well. They were all so supportive and friendly to us. They were not less than our parents. Especially when I was in class 10 preparing for my SLC exams, Teacher Susan helped us a lot in our studies and she always used to encourage us. It has already been 6 years that I graduated from the school and I still miss all those crazy things that we used to do and get scolded by our teachers. Missing all my crazy friends. Now I am working as a Nurse in Aloki Home Care and Rehabilitation Center. I am really thankful for my school for giving me quality education.     

Jeena Adhikari

I learned many things

It's been a long time but still I remember my school life. It was the best part of my life. I learned many things. We would have a lot of fun. Our teacher used to us very nicely as best as they could. They would take care of each and every student in the school. Currently I'm working in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Now my life is not the same as it was in school days. Now I need to go through many difficulties and struggles to be successful. However I have made many new friends from different countries.

Rohit Thakuri

I miss my student life.

Thinking about the 16 years I spent as a student, I realized that I would have had a more fulfilling time in school if I’d been wiser. They were the best days of my life ever. I miss my student life a lot, how I wish I could go again there to my school Kistland.

Nikesh Bastola