Brief History of Kistland Secondary School

Kistland was inaugurated on the 4th February 1997 with Mrs. Magaret R. Diengdoh as the first Principal of the School. Initially the School was name ‘Kidsland’ but later it was changed to ‘Kistland’ in which ‘Kist’ implies a treasure chest and in Nepali refers to it as ‘dhukuti’. The School was established with a vision to educate and serve the people of Nepal by imparting knowledge. Since then the School has evolved and grown into greater heights. Under the leadership of the Mrs. Angelyne Nongpluh, the second Principal and the present Principal Mrs. Susan D. Chen, the school has progressed towards imparting education, character building and nurturing their learning in an environment of creativity and joy.

Our Vision

The vision of Kistland school is founded on “To serve and not to be served” wherein service is implacable part of every workforce in the school. This service to the nation of Nepal is by providing education as way of instructing children to learn, to express ideas, to think freely and most importantly to inculcate moral values in their lives. The Objective of learning is to teach and train children to make them responsible individuals in the society.


Kistland Secondary School is a school with a difference. We value individualism, creativity, and innovation and strive to nurture them in our students.  Our aim is not just imparting knowledge to the students but also to instill in them wisdom, compassion, a humanitarian spirit and help them to explore their strengths to reach to their true potential. The medium of education is English and this has been one of the strength of the school to be able to produce highly competent students affluent with the English language.

Environmental issues are a key concern for the school. That is why we teach our students about environmental care from kindergarten to class 10, teachers and staff alike about our individual responsibility in this cause. We reach out to the community by having regular cleaning drives in and around the school neighborhood, environmental campaigns and awareness programs.

Networking is also primal goal for the school to progress in a civilized society. Therefore a strong network with past pupils is maintained to connect with Kistland Alumni. This enables the school to inculcate value for human relationship which is an important principle of learning for Kistland. This network of human relationships is also spread across a wide spectrum of academicians, lawyers, ministers, social workers, businessmen and other who are like minded in the field of education and social advocacy.

Kistland School focus also on mentoring students that they may grow up to be independent and responsible individuals. The in-school activities encourages students to think freely, expand their imagination and follow their passion, this can be in the field of sports, social work, business and others. Students have been given leadership roles and assigned task that obligates them to make decisions for the welfare of others. They learn to tackle a problem that arises and trace solutions to such problems. All this makes our students competent, adapting easily in the world of work. They become leaders of their field, business entrepreneurs and being absorbed in eminent institutions in Kathmandu and in other countries.

The fruit of the labour is seen in the stories that they share. These students who were once introvert, timid, with low self esteem, coming deranged families are now impacting in the lives of the people around them. It is here that the school exist not only for the purpose of education but of changing lives.



List of Principals

1997-2006             Mrs. Magareth Diengdoh

2006-2014             Mrs. Angelyne Nongpluh

2014-Present        Mrs. Susan D. Chen