Principal’s desk


Our vision for Nepal is the culture and society will rise through generations and for this we must engage in building education for the community. This embraces and preserves the vision and educational goals in continuity with the changing trends.

The vision of Kistland school is founded on “To serve and not to be served” wherein service is implacable part of every workforce in the school. This service to the nation of Nepal is by providing education as way of instructing children to learn, to express ideas, to think freely and most importantly to inculcate moral values in their lives. The Objective of learning is to teach and train children to make them responsible individuals in the society.

The school is as much concerned for students academic well-being as it is for their social welfare. Hence through Kistland Secondary School it has been able to conduct Career Guidance and Counselling on a regular basis. The school would extend invitation to the community and other schools to participate in such workshops. The students are led to discover their own ability and gifts which determines which career is best suited for them. Using well-designed psychological tools the students are given an assessment of their own potentials. This way the students are introduced to the different gifts that God has bless them and emphasized to use their gift and talents wisely to have a successful future. 

Kistland Secondary School stands for individual expression, cultural values and imparting quality education that nurtures holistic development of the child in all areas of life-physically, cognitively, emotionally, mentally and socially. Our Child-centric approach to learning is most beneficial for students to communicate, self-correct and achieve goals. The school exist not for the wide open spaces nor the classrooms, library, laboratories or large playgrounds but the student’s desire to learn and the passion of the staff that makes the heart of Kistland School to beat ever more loudly.


Ms. Daphishisha Kharnylla


Kistland Secondary School